flowers, photography

Week 6 Already! Time for a flower shot . . .

For someone who loves photographing flowers, this time of year has to be the best for those showy summer blooms. We live fairly close to a one-time stately home with a walled garden, and within that walled garden is the most fabulous herbaceous border – along with other features. Since my partner is still busily rejuvenating the kitchen, it’s easy for me to jump in the car and head off over there for an hour or so. This time, my target was the various coneflowers that I had spotted in bud last time I was there. They have traditional rudbeckia types along with heleniums, echinacea and all manner of wonderful flowers.

It’s usually the case that when I take a photograph, I have some idea of what I want to do with it so I make shooting choices based on what I want the end product to look like. However, the coneflowers are worth snapping just because they’re there. And I’m glad I did snap away with gay abandon because when I got home, I found this little fella complete with a ‘fairy’ hanging off his stem. I added a texture by Jai Johnson and that was that – flower of the week 🙂

rudbeckia and fairy-1

I had left it a couple of weeks in between visits and I think they are more or less past their very best now – but in the far corner, the dahlias are about to spring open!!!

Until then . . .